Good luck having Positive Grid Respond!

  • I'm now convinced that this company sucks on the business level. And I won't be purchasing anything from them in the future. I would assume to keep a good standing relationship with your patrons that when there's a problem you go to the front of the line as in most businesses. My spark arrived with issues, I have been trying to contact support and have received 0 response other than the automated response. Not only have I paid up front and waited for a defective product, I now find myself waiting to hear about what they're going to do about it. I would recommend to anyone willing to put they're hard earned cash on products where customer service is a priority. In other words look elsewhere... you'll probably not find it here!
    Buyer Beware!

  • @glenporter I've had to wait for support to reply and I'm waiting to hear back for another question about my Mac OS version. My take is that PG is a fairly small company and they're over their heads with the new product. You'd think if they are so successful they would hire more help. If my amp was not usable I'd be pretty unhappy. I have the wide-spread noise/sustain problem but it still is usable so I'm going stay calm. It's a $200 amp. PG wants me to send them videos instead of just sending out a reliable power adapter. But for me the whole thing is almost more amusing than upsetting. BTW, does anyone know the oldest Mac OSX that is compatible to install firmware?
    Thanks, Rex

  • @glenporter Glen how long ago did you order your amp and when did you receive it? If it’s worth it to you Maybe pursue a charge back through your credit card company. The date of receipt may be the point from which the clock starts to run on a dispute. Worth an 800;phone call to your credit card company. Keoki

  • I totally agree with you... I am facing exactly the same problem as you. Pre-ordered for 4 months before receiving my Spark Amp. And now the Amp is not working. Been working with Positive Grid Supports for 2 weeks. Still waiting for my RMA. This is VERY FRUSTRATING. I am not sure I will ever buy another product from this company again...

    @Others - if you are thinking about buying any production from this company, please be aware of the BAD SUPPORTS.

  • @glenporter & @stanleydang

    Guys, following up on my earlier comment about credit card disputes and chargebacks I strongly recommend contacting your credit card company and putting your case for a chargeback to them. I would specifically explain that the charge was made upfront but due to shipping delays on the part of the company you did not receive the goods in a timely fashion and only now are you realizing the need to request a chargeback...Best of luck please post back here!!

  • Thanks for the info @Keoki !!!

  • @glenporter I am in the same situation as you as my amp arrived faulty as the guitar input does not work. They are yet to reply to my emails. PayPal have a 180 day buyers protection insurance and because of the 4 month wait time, time is running out to lodge a claim. I also question warranty timeframes.