PreSonus Studio One issues

  • Essentially Studio One is not recognizing the Spark as a playback or recording device. Hell, when configuring the audio devices I don't even get that option and instead just get "audio device" which I can set to Spark but this doesn't seem to do anything for recording or playback from what I can tell. Essentially the tutorial in the PG FAQ stops working at step 3.

    Anyone have this same issue and get it working?

  • I am having the EXACt same issue...frustrating!

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    @tantalum2000 Are you using a Mac or a Windows computer?

  • I'm getting the same thing windows 10 Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363

  • @tantalum2000 @Sai-Jen @shadowdwpp

    If using Windows, then make sure that you've installed ASIO drivers. I'm not sure if what Windows 10 installs on its own works properly, since I use ASIO4ALL, but PG has their own ASIO driver for the Spark, which implies that the builtin Windows stuff probably isn't good enough to work:

    Another option is ASIO4ALL, which I prefer to use on my Windows 10 system, since it is meant to be used with multiple devices, rather than installing separate drivers for each device, and I have three different audio devices. This driver does involve a bit of setup/tweaking, but I've found it to be worth the effort in the long run:

    MacOS simply uses its builtin CoreAudio driver. I have an old 2011 MacBook Air still running High Sierra, and the Spark/Studio One combo worked on that without doing anything special (from what I remember). Although I've since uninstalled Studio One on that system, since it is a bit too heavy/slow for a system that old, and instead use Ableton Live Lite and Reaper on that system. But since installing drivers aren't involved, I would guess that most issues on MacOS would likely be at the Studio One level, rather than the OS level.

  • I have a 2007 iMac with El Capitan OS v10.11.6, I can't get the latest Mac OS, so I can't get the Studio One.:( I can play it through Garage Band, however, except for the backing jam tracks.