PreSonus Studio One issues

  • Essentially Studio One is not recognizing the Spark as a playback or recording device. Hell, when configuring the audio devices I don't even get that option and instead just get "audio device" which I can set to Spark but this doesn't seem to do anything for recording or playback from what I can tell. Essentially the tutorial in the PG FAQ stops working at step 3.

    Anyone have this same issue and get it working?

  • I am having the EXACt same issue...frustrating!

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    @tantalum2000 Are you using a Mac or a Windows computer?

  • I'm getting the same thing windows 10 Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363

  • @tantalum2000 @Sai-Jen @shadowdwpp

    If using Windows, then make sure that you've installed ASIO drivers. I'm not sure if what Windows 10 installs on its own works properly, since I use ASIO4ALL, but PG has their own ASIO driver for the Spark, which implies that the builtin Windows stuff probably isn't good enough to work:

    Another option is ASIO4ALL, which I prefer to use on my Windows 10 system, since it is meant to be used with multiple devices, rather than installing separate drivers for each device, and I have three different audio devices. This driver does involve a bit of setup/tweaking, but I've found it to be worth the effort in the long run:

    MacOS simply uses its builtin CoreAudio driver. I have an old 2011 MacBook Air still running High Sierra, and the Spark/Studio One combo worked on that without doing anything special (from what I remember). Although I've since uninstalled Studio One on that system, since it is a bit too heavy/slow for a system that old, and instead use Ableton Live Lite and Reaper on that system. But since installing drivers aren't involved, I would guess that most issues on MacOS would likely be at the Studio One level, rather than the OS level.

  • I have a 2007 iMac with El Capitan OS v10.11.6, I can't get the latest Mac OS, so I can't get the Studio One.:( I can play it through Garage Band, however, except for the backing jam tracks.

  • @tantalum2000 I've recieved my Spark last week and I have exactly the same issue that you had 4 months ago. Studio One does not recognize Spark as a playback or recording device. I'm using Win and have tried both the spark driver and the ASIO4ALL driver with the same result.

    Did you ever got this sorted out?

  • I haven´t even got as far as installing Presonus yet. When I enter the address on the little card that came with the amp (via QR Code) I am asked to register the product by entering the serial number first. Problem? Where is the serial number? If it is that sticker between the Bluetooth Status light and the USB connector, then I am told that is not a valid serial number.

    The addition of Presonus Studio One was the final straw that broke my reluctance to order a Spark so I really would like to install and set it up on my PC.