Internet down- can't use BIAS?

  • Hello All! This morning my cable went down and I got demoted from "Elite" to "Demo". This was very disappointing. When the connection resumed I was able to use the standalone software again (Windows 10). Is this a problem for anybody else? Thanks! :-) Sarah

  • @sarah-0 I tried disabling my WiFi for a few minutes, and tested both the standalone BIAS FX app and the plugin within Reaper, and both still said "Elite", although this was only over a period of a few minutes.

    Was your situation over a long period of internet downtime or immediately after starting the app? According to the top of this support doc, the license isn't supposed to require internet access after activation, so maybe you came across a fluky bug under certain circumstances?
    This is the top part of the doc, although I'm assuming that "to use our software" doesn't mean demo mode:

    Positive Grid software currently do not support offline activation at the moment. An internet connection is required to activate your license the first time. It is a one-time activation, once your license is activated, You will not need an internet connection to use our software.

  • @blueingreen Many thanks for your reply! I hope this was just a fluke... I had last used FX yesterday. Windows 10 did some kind of big update last night, and I did not restart FX until this morning when the internet was down. I'm glad to know that it's not supposed to be like this! :-)

  • Well, I just launched Guitar Pro and IT wants to be activated, so this must all be courtesy of Microsoft! Ugh...

  • @sarah-0 Wow -- it blew away licenses? If that is the recent "build 2004" Windows 10 update, that has wreaked havoc on a lot of things.

    Or, maybe it changed the hostname or some other unique identifier of your system, so now everything thinks it is a new system, and re-registering may consume another license. You may want to check with support of each company on how many licenses you are now consuming, to make sure you aren't now consuming multiple licenses with one system. PG allows BIAS registration on two systems, so your licenses would be totally consumed, if so.

  • @blueingreen Thank you for that suggestion! I will see if I have problems with other programs. :-)

  • @sarah-0 the Win10 2004 update affected licensing on other software as well.

  • @myxolydian Thank you! Some updates can be disruptive... :-)

  • I have the same problem. I use BiasFx2 on my Laptop and everytime when I want to start it in our band practice room, where there is no WiFi and no cell reception, it wants me to log in or just use Demo Mode. So I have to go outside, use my phone as a hotspot to log in and go back inside.