spark in daw

  • anyone using spark in daw for a recording? or is using vsts just a cleaner way of recording?

  • @metalion1111 You don't need VSTs, AUs, etc, for simply recording -- those are just plugins that add features to the DAW. If all you want to do is record from the Spark, then you can just use the the DAW as-is (without any plugins). Note that some free DAWs don't even support plugins, like the Studio One Prime license that is included with the Spark. For Studio One, you need at least Studio One Artist for plugin support.

    Technically, if you want to alter the Spark's recorded sound even further than the Spark itself, you could use a plugin, like BIAS FX, which would kind of be like stacking effects in a chain (first Spark effects, then BIAS FX effects). But again, none of this is necessary if you simply want to record the Spark's sound as-is -- the DAW on its own can do that.

  • The spark asio driver on windows is a bit picky, works great with reaper and all studio one products so far. Cakewalk was a bit flakey. The USB ASIO input is only mono but can be mapped to a split stereo output

  • @blueingreen Just for clarification, Studio One Prime has a variety of built in plug-ins as well as instruments. The Artist and above are only necessary if you are wanting to use external VST and VSTi plugs. If you are just starting out, Prime will get you going just fine.

  • @dgkenney Yeah--- that's mainly what I was trying to say, but my explanation was maybe a bit convoluted. I was just trying to emphasize that you don't need VST, etc, to do recording and things like Studio One Prime still work fine for that. I used Studio One Prime for quite awhile, which is still great.