no backing tracks through the usb into daw?

  • I cant hear them unless Im not using the usb

  • @metalion1111 Do you mean using backing tracks via bluetooth? I do know that if you plug-in the USB, then the bluetooth audio is disabled. I'm guessing that it is then expecting the backing tracks audio to be played from the computer via USB.

    The same occurs if you plug anything into the Aux-In port -- the Spark will then disable both bluetooth audio and USB audio. It says this on the small info sheet that comes with the Spark. However, the info sheet does not mention that using USB also disables bluetooth audio -- but it does disable it.

  • @blueingreen I use the headphone out from Ipad and headphone out of spark into a small usb cheap mixer. the usb mixed signal into the DAW using asio for all. Works well, or run the mixed inputs into a dedicated usb audio interface like a focusrite solo. (how I currently do it)

  • @nwfungi Yeah -- I use a PreSonus interface, and also use ASIO4ALL with PreSonus, BOSS GT-1, and now the Spark, and connect everything to Reaper and Studio One. I prefer ASIO4ALL rather than a bunch of individual ASIO drivers. I see people having issues here with the Spark's native ASIO driver, so not sure if it's flaky. I haven't tried it, since ASIO4ALL already works.

    The original poster was asking about backing tracks, which I thought meant via bluetooth, although it wasn't clear, so maybe not. In any case, I was just letting them know the bluetooth behavior, since a lot of people aren't aware that plugging things into the Aux-In port or the USB port disables bluetooth audio.

  • @nwfungi Can you let me know specifically how you set this up for recording? I have:

    • Ipad with the Spark app
    • Computer with Win10
    • Acid Music for DAW
    • I have a focusrite 2i2, would be curious how you set everything up so I can pull the guitar sounds from the spark and get this into the Focusrite so I can use that as my audio interface to record?

    Right now I don't have any ASIO driver installed when i plug the spark directly into the PC and just the basic windows ones are showing up in my DAW and I have volume and latency issues. Someone else suggested to install the ASIO driver which I will after work, but if I can use the focusrite and it records well with no latency that would be the way to go. Thank you,