Bluetooth delay sync?

  • We know Bluetooth i audio is delayed, so when using the bar display it’s off a bit (I’m not counting when it’s just bad chords, just the beat)

    Maybe they could ad a feature to let us configure the delay to compensate. Kind of like how music games like guitar hero calibrate.

  • oh, ok so that's why the block where the chord starts is always out and not on the start of the downbeat etc.
    Thats useless.
    Who are these developers?
    are they musos or not?
    Good enough is not good enough in my book.
    Sort this sh!t out PG

  • Significant latency (about 200ms) is is a common Bluetooth problem. The only way around this is to use RF signals (about 3ms of latency). At between $100-$400, the cost of shifting to RF could be more than the cost of the SPARK!

  • @mhmercer

    A software/firmware update could sort the delay out Fairly easily without changing the Link methodology. A couple of My drones had bugs like This and I was astounded what really good software engineers could accomplish with an update.