Riverside Tone

  • Hi, I'm fairly new to Bias FX & only been learning guitar for just over a year. Have given myself a project this month to learn Second Life Syndrome by the band Riverside and it's already teaching me so many new things, altering existing Tabs, speed etc. I'm very inexperienced with pedals so I've been playing with Bias FX & trying to make my first patch to try to get the tone but I'm not very happy with it.

    The guitarist has this lovely long sustain which sometimes develops into a kind of shimmer sound. To get the sustain I've tried a Compressor with the sustain but didn't like it, now trying Bias Big Muff and I like that sustain more but it's noisier than I'd like. I think the Tube Screamer is great- works well. Toyed with the chorus on & off then abandoned it. He def has some Delay in his sound...so I put a little in & left the reverb on.

    I found out the guitarist Piotr Grudziński used MLC pedals in his rig...not sure what good Bias FX substitutes would work as an alternate.

    I'd appreciate any help or guidance! Anyone here love Riverside? 0_1596952770647_Second life.jpg

  • UPDATE! I changed my AMP. I had no idea how much it would affect the sound & I went with a different distortion pedal & pumped up the Delay a bit! It's sounding much better now. I guess I need to learn a lot more left hand muting techniques now though! Nice distortion though!

    0_1596963945779_bias 2.jpg