RIP Metalheads & Drummer Dave

  • Anyone into metal trying to create a jam with 'Dave' good luck. The fast, distorted riffs are impossible for the AI to pick up therefore creating wrong backing tracks and notes. How did I know this wouldn't work? Now, If I hit the same 3 slow distorted notes he can pick them up but what fun is that?

  • yea, fellow metalhead... I found this out in February or so, and the chord finder in utube or spotify is totally out, and the looper is not seamless... 😂
    Alesis needs to invent an Ai drum machine now, the SR 16 was good fun, never tried the SR18, but I'd look at their new Covid 19 Ai one, if they got their arses up to date.
    Imagine the advert... "the new AI Alesis Covid 19 drum machine for metalheads, blast beat ready at the touch of a button..3 separate blast beats to choose from.. Nils Fjellström, Pete Sandoval or George Kolias" ....
    Thats what I want to read, not the bulsh!t PG is claiming

  • @crystalpit george kolias is a monster on the kit!