Connecting seperate Boss tuner pedal

  • Why can I not connect a tuner pedal? When my tuner pedal is connected to the Spark amp, I am able to use tuning when pedal is turned on but once pedal is turned off, I get no sound from Spark. Pedal works with my other amp.

  • @prosodymetal Are you saying that you can use the tuner both times, with it switched on and off? But when you switch the tuner off, no sound goes through to the amp? Does the tuner still work? I just read quickly through the manual for the Boss Tu3 tuner -- it says that output is muted when the tuner is turned on, so it's odd that you are getting sound into your Spark when the tuner is turned on, but no sound when it's turned off. That's backwards from what the manual says should be happening. And the Boss Tu3 acts as I've seen other tuner pedals act, too. Very curious! Especially since your tuner works properly with your other amp!

  • And if you unplug from the tuner straight I to the Spark it works? Sounds like something in the tuner.

  • When the pedal is turned-off, do you mean by stepping on the latch or by killing the power to it?

    I had a BOSS TU for years, and it is a buffered bypass pedal, not true bypass, so if the power is killed by unplugging it or by an external power switch in the power chain, the signal does not go through the pedal like a pedal with true bypass. That's the only thing I can think of. But pedals behave no differently for the Spark than any other amp -- it's all analog in the front. I've been using pedals with mine.