Windows Spark App

  • Could we please get a Spark app for Windows? It would be way more convenient to use my laptop than my phone or tablet.

  • YES PLEASE!!!!

  • At least the FAQ hasn't eliminated the possibility by using the word "currently", but not sure that they'd want to maintain another set of apps:

    Q: Is a desktop editor going to be available for Spark?
    A: Only iOS/Android currently.

  • @slakeman If I would have known I couldn't use the spark amp with windows I wouldn't have waited 3 months for it. And still have to buy more hardware to use it properly.

  • @rockint62 All these requests for a Windows app to control the Spark Amp need to be submitted as support tickets through the "contact support" link at the top of this page. While PG may monitor this forum there's no guarantee that any complaints or requests get routed to the appropriate personnel. But submitting a support ticket should get to the proper people and the more people who request the same thing or something similar, the better the odds are that it will happen.

  • @rockint62 I think it was clear there was no windows app.

  • @stinger0625 Definitely clear that the app was only iOS or Android on the Spark pages at PG's website.

    Still one can hope that the development team expands their horizons once they see how many people are asking for a Windows and Mac app to control the Spark.

  • Found this post elsewhere. May be worth a try, but, there are some parts of this that are a bit beyond me. Somebody may be able to figure it out....

    "Forget the emulator, just get the Android or bliss os iso, burn them to usb flash drive with Rufus or etcher, pot it from bios at startup then install it to another usb flas drive (at least 8 GB) and you have a fully functioning Android 10 that supports the hardware of the pc you boot it on, by installing it to a flash drive it will allow you to run it on virtually any computer without having to install it again"

  • I started on my android phone.... It was impractical/unuseable ....I figured iphone would be similar so I bought an iPad.... Found it was useless on that also,,,,, Don't hold your breath for Windows ... It will more than likely still be rubbish on that too.....

  • @briwad Useless on an iPad? Huh? That's crazy -- it works just fine on my iPad and also on my iPhone. Just be sure to get a device that runs the minimum iOS (or Android) that's listed as a requirement on the Spark40 page at the PG web-site.

  • @dhbailey You could be right... I've been weaned on PC's and Apple devices are a mystery to me. On the upside, my wife loves the ipad so I gifted it to her !!!

  • @briwad Lots of cheaper Android tablets out there and the Spark and it's features run pretty seamless. I have an older one in the livingroom I use with mine. LOTS easier for me than on a phone.