Cubase 9 has blacklisted the BIAS FX 64-bit .dll

  • Hi - I've been using the BIAS FX 64-bit .dll with Cubase for some time and it's worked fine. Did some other stuff for a few months and want to use BIAS FX for a track but the plug-in now shows up as "blacklisted". I try to re-enable it but it says it failed to start. What do I need to do to get around this issue please?

  • A2

    Try to reinstall

  • Thank you - I "repaired" the installation after a bit of kerfuffle to get it to find the .msi it had just downloaded - didn't seem to make any difference whatever to the files but sure enough Cubase now fires up just fine and I can get my tones into my new project - so thank you for that.