Why shouldn't these settings work to record audio from Spark to my DAW?

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    Track is armed....but no sound comes thru (meters show no signal coming thru)....why?

  • bump....I'd really like to get someone from Positive Grid or anyone else to help me as I want to do some recording this weekend. Thanks.

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    Follow. :-)

    I have some issues recording as well, but I CAN actually record through it. I just can't record a stereo track, even if my DAW shows "Spark 40 1+2" as input... :-(
    I don't know your DAW (what DAW is it?), but... Can't you find a solution in the DAW help section? This thing looks as if it should work. Output level on the Spark? A different USB cable? Sorry, I don't understand either.

  • @drbaroni I'm at a TOTAL loss..and PG's support hasn't offered anything helpful. The DAW is the totally free Cakewalk Bandlab. Do you know if there is a setting somewhere in the APP that requires pushing the volume level up for the USB output to send the sound out the port to my pc maybe? That's all I can figure. Just bizarre...

  • So I found the Sparks Control Panel and am seeing, I think, why I'm not getting signal out the USB jack...I circled the Master volume sliders little blue icon in the bottom right...it is blue, and when I click on it, it goes to grey, seeming to show it's muted. Now to the right of that, the 'Output 1 and Output 2 sliders icon is greyed out. Clicking on it does not make it go blue. So , for some reason, sound is not going to the two outputs. Is there possibly something I need to set or disable on the Spark app to get this to work? Thanks for anyone who knows....


  • @ridgekarma

    What Type of cable are you using between the amp and your DAW platform?

  • @keoki A type C to type B USB cable. It wasn't the one that came with the Spark because it's too short.

  • I'll follow, as one problem I have with recording through a DAW (GarageBand) is that the signal level from the Spark is ridicolously low, while the VOLUME of the existing tracks in the headphones blows my eardums away. :-(