Bias Fx Multi Effects pedalboard

  • ... with full midi capabilities for channel changing. That would be the ultimate companion for my PG head.

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    I'm working on it :)

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    @alderre it is a concept right?

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    I’m just trying to get to the point of a wireless, battery powered controller that will be firing off a small audio interface running into a mini computer or tablet of some kind. From there you could send and return to or from it at your leisure. Hardware is all good, it’s the midi implementation inside Bias fx that’s holding me up right now. No way to change things to latching that are currently toggle. Flipping the state of an element can lead to super unpredictable results

  • @pipelineaudio for my live performances I use Gig Performer to host all of my sounds. I can mix, add and connect any plugins in any configuration I want and then select the parameters I want to control with my foot controller and connect them to MIDI. I can change the behaviour of the incoming midi so if I only have a momentary switch - I can turn that into a latching one, set range/scaling and so on...

    My patches are not all BIAS. I use TH3, S-Gear and Guitar Rig for some parts of my setup. I try to take the parts I like from each of these and combine them together.

    Full disclosure here ... I am one of the co-founders of Deskew Technologies who make Gig Performer ... so take my praise for GP with that grain of salt :)

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    I just five minutes ago learned about gig performer from another thread on here.

    I’m going to kill you guys

    Here I am trying like hell to modify SWS Live Configs, create four gajillion custom actions, making jsfx plugins to change cc’s to pc’s, making plugins to trigger cc actions and all manner of other pain

    And you guys have a product that knocks out at least 80% of this nonsense and I’m only hearing about it now???

    Awesome! I am going to go try it out now

  • @salvatore-di-piazza unfortunately, yes. I would kill for a floor unit like it.

  • @pipelineaudio If you had a Mac and Mainstage you'd already be done. :stuck_out_tongue:

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    Until I can get Justin or Schwa to get native BTLE midi support in windows version of Reaper anyway. The apps I’m using to bring the btle midi suck right now

    Thinking of biting the bullet and buying a panda midi beam instead of the Yamaha Bluetooth unit. I’ll just keep that one for running my iPad

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