Spark Suggestions

  • Hi..

    This amp would be the complete practice / recording tool if there was an option for an XLR input ( with Phantom Power ) and a host of effects for voice. This would allow to practice singing and playing along with jam tracks.. And because it is audio interface, you could record your session on separate channels to hear how you sounded ( albeit not super clean due to bleeding of guitar into mic ).. But this could be corrected in DAW ( or on amp with correct controls ).

    In addition, add some ( configurable ) pitch correction based on key of jam track and / or guitar input.. This could then easily replace replace my VoiceLive.

  • @sippoliti Sure they could add all that, but it would increase the cost of the amp. And increase the size of the amp to allow for the increased real-estate required by the XLR and the additional control knobs and the entirely separate signal processing chain with its own group of vocal effects. And its own set of amps, since none of the amp models I've seen are two-channel amps. So basically the addition of a vocal-based amp modelling section with its own effects in addition to the guitar based system it has now.