Can you record stereo via USB?

  • Hi,
    I plugged Spark to my Mac, opened Logic Pro X, I could only find a mono input from Spark. Wasn't it supposed to be stereo?

  • @vasile-pop In the owner's manual, the list of specs lists:
    USB - 1 in, 2 out -- which seems to me to be stereo out so it should show up as either two separate mono inputs, or a single stereo input in a DAW. I don't have a Mac, nor do I use Logic so I'm sorry I can't help you further. I don't even have my Spark amp yet (it'll be here on Tuesday) so I can't tell you whether things are different on a Windows machine.

    But it sure seems as if it should be stereo.

  • @dhbailey
    Yep, I read the same, yet I experience the very same problem. No way to get a stereo signal FROM the Spark via USB. Someone on another topic spent lots of time to explain me how to simulate stereo, but I don't want to simulate it, I want the stereo signal that is supposed to come out from a stereo device...

    The Spark is touted as being a "stereo amp", which IMHO doesn't mean just that it has two loudspeakers, it should produce a stereo signal in output.

  • @vasile-pop

    I just checked two computers:

    On my Windows 10 system, with BIAS FX2, Reaper DAW, and Studio One DAW -- all three have two INPUT channels called "Spark 40 USB 1" and "Spark 40 USB 2". Note that I don't use PG's ASIO driver -- I use the ASIO4ALL driver across several devices (PreSonus AudioBox, BOSS GT-1, and now the Spark).

    However, on my Mac (baring in mind that it is a 2011 MacBook Air still running High Sierra), with the same software as above -- all three only show one INPUT channel as available (the left channel, with the right channel as empty). Again, my Mac system is old, and is really a backup that I don't use often, so I could just be missing some tweak, and so take this with a grain of salt -- but I am getting different behavior "out of the box" between the two systems.

    I should also add that specifically within the BIAS FX2 program on my Mac, I only have the option of "Mono" for the audio INPUT device, with the only device sub-option of "Input 1". The audio OUTPUT device setting does have "Stereo", but this is OUTPUT, relative to the computer.

    On the Windows 10 system, I have the options of "Mono" and "Stereo" for both audio INPUT device and OUTPUT device, and when I select "Stereo", the sub-option is "Input 1-2" and "Output 1-2", respectively.

  • @blueingreen
    I have the same issues. MacBook Pro 2019, AND MacBook Pro late 2013, both latest version of Catalina OSX. GarageBand (and Audacity... Didn't try Sonus yet) shows "Input Spark 40 USB 1+2", BUT the track only opens with "input Spark 40 USB 1" and the 2 doesn't even appear :-( .
    I don't understand.
    I tried connecting my old Digitech RP-355 as the input-output device, no problem in opening a stereo track on "RP-355 1+2". I admit I'm not an expert in these things, but... I'd really like to understand this.

  • Very weird.
    Would love to be able to record simultaneously a wet and a dry input, so I can reamp it later. Hopefully a firmware update at some point

  • @vasile-pop What goes out over the USB to the computer for recording is whatever sound the amp produces. No option for a wet and a dry signal from the amp. Any stereo achieved using two tracks and two Spark inputs is merely for any stereo effect from the effects pedals.