Tap Tempo / Tuner Button on Spark No Longer Works

  • I wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue. It worked at first and then I updated the firmware. It still lights up red and blinks but does not control Tempo and cannot be long pressed to enter tuner mode. One big problem with this is that I cannot perform a factory reset as this is the button used to do that. Curious if anyone else is having this issue. Thx

  • @wmh0901 Do you feel any motion when you press that button, like the four preset buttons? It sounds like most likely there's a bubble switch under each of those "buttons" and the one under the Tap Temp / Tuner button is broken. I hope you have submitted a support ticket using the contact support at the top of this page. It sounds like they will have to ship you a new amp.

  • @dhbailey Yes it pushes down and feels like the other 4 that are working fine. I did submit a support ticket so we will see. I'd hate to have to wait for another unit as this issue isn't a deal breaker. Everything still works and I can control the delay manually through the app. I will miss the tuner function though.