HELP! Spark Amp extreme hum!

  • I purchased this at the first half of June. It arrived just a week ago. When everything is plugged in and on I get nothing but a really loud hum...sort of like a ground wire is off of something. I did buy a new power supply with the three prongs...nope.
    I check my guitar over with a multimeter to see if there was a ground broken there...nope.
    I've plugged in my computer and attached it to the back for a ground...nope.
    I have the App connected and use maximum noise gate...nothing changes.
    Positive Grid is sending me yet another chord...I doubt that will work. Very disappointing.

    The hum is SO LOUD I just don't think I've heard anything like it except for a loud feedback, which this isn't. I'm wondering if something in the box isn't grounded right. Has not made any other sound since coming out of the box.


  • We have heard and learned a lot about humming spark amps in the last time. If you can make a video it could help us to help you.

  • I did already send a video in and should be receiving a grounded power supply. However, I think that I may have solved the issue. I noticed that no noise was present until after I plugged in my guitar, then the loud hum began. I began to suspect the guitar cord.
    So I went to my local music store and bought a new Roland cord for premium dollars.I think that was part of, if not the whole, issue. Certainly I know that a grounded power supply will help with noise but the volume of the hum I had was concerning. and use a quality cord!