Pleasant Surprise

  • I ordered my Spark on June 30, 2020. I have been checking the track order religiously since. The latest update indicated that my unit should be shipped on August 17 to 20. Amazingly enough, I received my Spark today when the track order still states that my order is being prepared. Granted, I live in Hong Kong, so, there wasn't any problems with shipping.

    Nice little practice amp/music speaker for the bedroom/home office.

  • @bk I got a pleasant surprise today, too! Not the amp itself, but having ordered on May 14th, I was expecting with the latest delays to have it shipped between August 12 and 20, or late august / early september, depending on whether I trusted the tracking page or the customer service response. Lo and behold, I have a tracking number and my amp appears to be in the possession (7 pounds) of UPS and on its way! Expected delivery next Tuesday!

  • @bk I just hope that people who ordered before us are starting to get tracking numbers and confirmed shipping!