Just got my Spark. I have been using Bias FX. My experience so far.

  • No shipping issues. I got the amp very quickly. I plugged the amp in and my guitar into it. Started playing and i was pretty impressed with the sound coming out of that little box. It can put out plenty of volume for practicing and sound is pretty clear. I also have 2 powered monitor speakers which i used to play with my Bias FX on the iPad. In order to use my Bias FX I had it hooked into a FocusRite as the sound interface to the guitar which then sent the sound to the speakers. Bias FX seems much more robust than the Spark app is my experience so far. However, i like the fact that i can just plug my guitar into the Spark and then control the amp setups using my iPad with a wireless connection via Bluetooth. WIth Bias FX i had to have a wired connection into the FocusRite Solo. Now i can get louder sound out of my speaker monitors and probably a bit better quality but mostly I think the Spark speaker will suffice . I can hook the spark into my Speaker Monitors using the headphone connection to XLR. It would have been nice if they had regular RCA outs on the back. I am hoping that PG comes out with packages like they do for Bias FX for the SPARK app or figure out how to interface the Bias FX to the SPARK. That would be cool. I have intermittently experienced some hum when i take my hands off the strings, quite loud in some instances. I am not sure yet what is causing that because it is not always there. Seems to be dependent upon the AMP model i am using or the amount of GAIN. I know that some people say that it is the power supply. My unit is very new, so they have addressed that.

    So in summary, my experience is pretty good so far. I tried to play along with one song using spotify. It seemed like the guitar sound was somewhat muffled. I will have to play with that some more to see what is going on there. What i like best is that it simplifies my setup . Less wires. Wireless interface to the iPad. What i like less is that that the app is not as nice or rich as BiasFX. LIke i used the Screamer a lot in Bias. I have not seen that in the Spark app . Technology has come a long way. I will say that.

  • @r_koby I am hoping that as they get the manufacturing and shipping problems resolved, PG will be able to devote more time to the app, hopefully adding more effects and possibly rolling much of the BiasFX software into the app. I would even be willing to pay some for an increase in the number of pedals, the ability to change the order of pedals, and the addition of the use of footswitches to control the app. It would be wonderful to be able to use the AirTurn 4-switch bluetooth unit to control the app, and to place switches for the 4 presets on the amp into the app so that we could use a footswitch through the app to change between the presets with the tap of a foot. All that is possible in future updates to the app. It will be interesting to see what sort of marketing they offer for adding more modules to the app.