BIAS AMP 2 Plugin - Missing Host Automation

  • BIAS AMP 2 plugin (VST or AU) does not provide any parameters to a host. I was hoping that the parameters would be expanded a bit so that we can get parameters for controlling the reverb for example, but there is now no parameters at all.

    In BIAS AMP (v1) we had the rudimentary gain, master, treble, bass and middle parameters.

    I think that BIAS AMP 2 does sound better than V1, but it is almost unusable as a plugin without the parameters.

    Is this going to be fixed soon or should we try to fid a solution with some workarounds?

  • That is a bummer. Definitely file a ticket for that one. I have not had a chance to knock the automation around as I have been evaluating amp match right now but I definitely use them so I would also consider that a required feature for a new update.

  • Why do you need this?

  • @tannhauser you can automate the plugin parameters in a track? One of the most powerful features of modern DAWs? I mean, why does anyone need automation in any other VST?

  • A2

    I'm not seeing any parameters for Bias Amp 2 in the parameter modulation list in REAPER

  • @tannhauser It's commonly used while recording. For example. you can automate a gain push as the chorus hits, or for a solo.

  • @tannhauser It allows you to dynamically control the plugin in a DAW or stand alone host. It is basically the cornerstone feature necessary to control anything in the plugin. It is a huge deal for advanced users (IMHO).


  • @tannhauser

    I am not sure how you use your plugins, but I use Gig Performer (full disclosure - I am one of the co-founders of the company) for all my live performances. Parameters are not for pro or advanced users only - they are the basic minimum.

    So if you are performing live - how do you change your volume, reverb amount, switch pedals on/off etc during your performance?

    What I have to do now for some of my patches is create several rackspaces within my Gig Performer that contains same BIAS AMP2 but with different parameters (different volume, reverb on/off etc..) Then I use my foot pedal to switch the patches and get the desired pre-set result. If I had the volume parameter for example (like BIAS AMP 1 does) I can attach a widget and my foot controller's expression pedal to it and controls my volume while I play.

    I also combine several plugins into my rig. I may use BIAS Amp as the amplifier, but I may use a completely different plugin for my Wah-Wah pedal or completely different one for reverb and delay. I also use different amp simulators for different sounds/songs.

    If you are not performing live and you are recording - how do you do any kind of automation on your track? You want your volume to go up a bit during your solo part - how do you automate that?

  • Well thank you all. That's why I asked. I don't play live, and I don't do multi-tracking (I'm not even doing mixing down), so that's why I didn't know.

  • @tannhauser If you use a DAW regularly you should definitely look into it. Host automation opens up a whole new world of possibilities when producing/performing; to the point where it's becoming hard to imagine how things were before it was around =)

  • @ash-wolford : it's obvious when I know the function. Here I was thinking about midi out to devices, but I guess that's just a part of that. In any case, yeah, I dig. Perhaps some day I'll get more tracks together.

  • @djogon I haven't tried it in my DAW yet, so that's a bummer to hear. As far as BIAS AMP 2 sounding better than BIAS 1:

    Have you actually compared the two side by side, back to back? I didn't either....until I bought it :( Holy smokes does it sound terrible compared to the 1st version. No idea how this slipped by, but there's a whole thread on the subject here. It was reassuring to see that I'm not the only one who's taken notice (it's BAD, really, really BAD.)

    I hope P.G. gets it squared away quickly.

  • @mark-meyers Yes - I compared BIAS AMP 1 vs 2 and I do think that the new version is definitely better. Maybe you need to tweak your presets a bit, but when you dial it in version 2 sounds a bit better to my ears.
    I used Gig Performer to create two rackspaces - one with BIAS AMP 1 and one with BIAS AMP 2. I can switch between the two instantly while playing.

    It's just sounds better to me, but that's obviously really subjective - if your ears are telling you that v1 sounds better - listen to your ears :)

  • Great news! Just got a note from Positive Grid people that they are working on an update to BIAS AMP 2 which will fix these parameters issues. Most likely win version 2.1.

  • @djogon For real? Who wrote it? Did they give any idea as to when? Whatever. I'm just glad they know about it and are working on it. Thanks for the shout back! ;)

  • @mark-meyers No timeframe, but definitely confirmed that they are working on it and that fix will come in v2.1.

  • @djogon Yeah, that's weird that you like BA 2 better since so many people are describing the exact same issue.
    I'm sure you could get the BA 2 amps to sound good with some tweaking, but you shouldn't have to. I strictly compared only the stock amps with stock cabs, completely untouched (both versions stock knob settings are all the same), running in tandem to A/B. So say the JCM800 in BA 2 should sound/respond "better" than a JCM800 in BA 1; unfortunately, that is not the case on my end. There is something seriously wrong with this version. Glad you're enjoying yours! Thanks for the feedback!

    Ok, awesome, so they're well aware of it, cool. I feel bad for filling out a support ticket, ughh.

    So we can all still lobby and submit ideas! lol

  • Well ... seems that Positive Grid went back on their promise to add back the host automation or even MIDI control to BIAS Amp v2

    When I asked about it - I got a response that that "feature" may (or may not) be implemented some time in the future.

    I really don't consider host automation a "feature" for a plugin. It is an essential part of it. How do you control it? I don't understand this at all.

    Can't even change the gain or the volume of the plugin. The new BIAS FX now can have the BIAS Amp 2 in it, but as soon as you replace your old BIAS Amp 1 with it - you lose all your automation (or midi) assignments since they don't exist in v2

    the only way for me to now just adjust the volume with my foot pedal is to use a separate gain controller in Gig Performer and place it after BAS Amp v2, but I cannot remotely change the "Gain" of the amp for example. We know that changing the gain is NOT the same as changing the volume - it has big implications on the sound.

    Not sure how is anyone able to use AMP2 as a plugin now? Even stand-alone - how do you control things while playing?


  • Btw.... if you thought that you could at least use the MIDI Program Change messages to change the presets that you can place into the "Quick snap" box within BIAS AMP2 plugin - sorry - does not work either.

    If it can't be used remotely - what's the purpose of this "quick snap" thing? We're not going to be clicking on a mouse while we're on stage.