My wish list

  • I'm really having fun with the Spark, but I have a few items for the wish list:

    I'd like to see an envelope filter and T-Wah added to the modulation choices on the spark. Then I could get a Jerry Garcia sound or really lay down the funk. Anyone else?

    I also wish I didn't have to re-start the amp whenever I start playing a jam track from youtube. The sound always cuts in and out the first time until I restart (turn amp off then back on) and reconnect.

    I wish switching between sound patches always always worked. I get disconnected a lot, but even when connected it can get stuck on a certain patch. I find if I press one of the presets it usually wakes up this function and I can go back to switching until it freezes again.

    That's it for now, may update later

  • @brianbstark66 Items on your wish list need to be suggested directly to PG by using the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page. While PG most likely monitors this forum, whomever is monitoring it won't necessarily make note of suggestions and forward them to the proper people. By raising a support ticket your suggestions will make it to the right people in PG. Whether they act on them or not depends on several factors: 1) if it's at all possible; 2) how difficult (costly) it is to enable it; 3) how many people have asked for it. So the more people you can convince to ask for the same thing the more likely it is to happen, if it's at all possible. I'd suggest submitting two different support tickets: 1) asking for the envelope filter and the T-wah and 2) asking for help with the need to restart the Spark while playing jam tracks from youtube.