USB Out no signal

  • is anybody using spark with reason ? I can't get an audio signal using usb to my MacBook. it will play the other way ie output from Reason to spark. id be grateful for any advice thanks

  • I am seeing the same thing but may be user error. Just got Spark so not knowing it enough yet. Anyone have a tutorial on setting it up with Pro Tools and a Focusrite interface?

  • @ashlcoop5 I don't know what happens with Reason, but I tried it with both GarageBand and Audacity and it worked. You get a MONO signal though, which makes the definition of the Spark as a STEREO amp kind of misleading. You should at the very least get the option, "mono - stereo", but it isn't like that.
    Did you try to record from Spark using any OTHER sotware?

  • @enews If you're using the USB out from the Spark you don't need to go through the Focusrite interface -- the USB feeds directly into the computer's USB port. In Windows you need to first install the Spark ASIO driver. If you want to go through the Focusrite interface, you need to either mic the Spark (two mics, one aimed at each speaker) and run the mics into the Focusrite, or you need to use a cable from the headphone out which splits into two 1/4" plugs to go into two channels on the Focusrite. The advantage of using either the mics or the cable from the headphone jack is that you can then record the backing tracks you may be playing along to as well as the guitar. Using the USB from the Spark to the computer all you get is the guitar sounds, not the backing tracks.