App in Landscape on Android

  • Hey All,

    I'm finding surprisingly little information about this online. I bought a Vankyo Matrix Pad S30 (Android table running stock Android 9) to use with my spark. The app works just fine in portrait mode, but will NOT rotate to landscape mode. I would really prefer this mode so that I can access the entire signal chain without having to scroll (as they do in all of the NAMM demos). So, I'm trying to figure out how widespread the issue is on Android.

    Q: If you have an Android tablet - are you able to get the app to display properly in landscape mode? If so what hardware/software are you on?

    Thanks in advance for all the help -

  • @spencerfreeman11
    in Android it isn't possible to use landscape mode
    vertically instead, unlike iOS, the pedals in the chain are distant from each other so that they cannot all enter the screen

  • @samueleonline Thanks for letting me know - is that advertised anywhere? Moving forward, is it something that is intended to be added to the Android app functionality? I'm not sure why it wouldn't be possible.

  • @spencerfreeman11 Send a message using the "Contact Support" in the menu above. I think it has been requested so add your vote. Personally I use my tablets in portrait mode for music stuff and landscape for about everything else.

  • it would be much more comfortable
    I already sent a ticket for this a month ago..

  • @samueleonline Well that is discouraging. I'm not understanding why that would be a hard feature to implement. There are plenty of resources on how to do this with a quick google search (this for example: I've already submitted a support request with no response, but I will do so again.

  • I have no idea... we'll see

  • @spencerfreeman11 When I've submitted support tickets I've gotten a response from a human usually within 2 days, so be patient about the response until after a couple of days have passed. While the CEO says they have increased the number of people in customer support, that might mean that they added one more person to a two-person staff. And since the CEO also bragged about shipping out just under 20,000 Spark amps in the past week, that means that there may be 20,000 requests for grounded power supplies or other "help me, I don't know how to turn it on" requests for assistance and those poor few people in customer service may be totally overwhelmed.

  • Rotating would be great and also having it the screen scroll up before you get to the next line of chords. The issue being that you can't see the next chord you need to play until after you should have played it. I can't imagine that's not on a list of changes that need to be made as it's totally annoying.

  • @cbrandst Definitely concur with the scrolling idea. Would love to see at least two lines ahead while learning a song.

  • When I purchased Spark I also upgraded to a new Samsung tablet - very disappointed to find no landscape option !

    Has this issue been addressed by Positive Grid??

  • @chris-4 not yet -- but keep hoping. I'm sure some not-too-distant-future update to the Spark app will include the ability to use landscape view on Android devices. And submit a feature request through the Contact Support link at the top of this page -- the more people who are asking for something, the more likely it is to be included, provided it is possible (which landscape mode on an Android tablet certainly is!)

  • @spencerfreeman11 - There are several 3rd party rotation apps for android that might work. Check the Play store. I haven't used one in a while, but some allow you to force rotation, even on apps that don't support it by default.
    If I find one that works, I'll post an update here.

  • I submitted a feature request.
    Thanks for the replies :-)