Pre-Ordering questions (Probably questions asked before that I haven't found yet.)

  • Hi everyone,

    Thought I 'd ask a couple of questions before I ordered mine. I'm really only going to use this for playing around, practicing, not a lot of other things. So my questions revolve around PC software vs. the app. I know they are different, but ultimately I would like to know if I can basically run the various sounds/effects through the PC instead of the app? If not it's ok, Was just wondering if that was a possibility.

    On the app, is it compatible on an older iPad 2 mini or does it need to be a newer model?

    Has anyone tried using any of the wireless signal connectors between the guitar and amp?

    Thanks and my apologies for any redundant questions.


  • Unfortunately, the PC software is only good for firmware updates. You do get the Presonus recording software for the PC but I haven't done anything other than download that so far. All of the tones and features are run through the Spark Application on you Tablet or phone. According to the Spark FAQ page, the app requires Supported iOS version: iOS 11.3 - 13.2 or Supported Android OS version: Android 8.1 - 9 (later). Your device connects to the Amp via Bluetooth and allows you to select the Amp you are modeling along with myriad of effects pedals. You also have access to literally thousands of setups via the Tonecloud. There are an overwhelming amount of choices to explore.

  • @steven-hulse You've already gotten answers to most of your questions -- I'll answer the remaining one: Yes, you can use wireless connectors between the guitar and the amp. People have used a wide variety of them, from $40 ones found on Amazon to the closer to $150 ones produced by Boss. They all seem to work great.