Pitch Shifter

  • DESPERATELY need a pitch shifting 'pedal' for SPARK software - PLEASE !

    Something like an electro harmonix pitch fork or a Digitech drop.....
    From standard tune to GnR, Alice (half a step) - Motley Crue - (whole step - etc.....) Theres a real NEED for this software to be included!

    Just want to be able to practice a few different styles without plugging in or having ready 3 different guitars at all times as most of my guitars have floating trems and changing tunings on the fly is a pia....

    IS there any known work around other than to go plug in an external pedal ( Which kinda defeats the purpose of this otherwise pretty cool little box )

  • @cookinman I would love this too! I am currently plugged into my drop pedal but this would be a great feature for many. :-)

  • @cookinman You should use the "contact support" to send a message requesting the addition of the pitch shifting pedal. While I think PG does monitor this forum the best way to ensure that your suggestions make it to the right person is to submit a support ticket.

  • Yes, that would be great addition. I hope it’s on PG’s wishlist.

  • yes, I might consider re purchasing one if they implemented a pitch shifter

  • @dhbailey Ill do that now . Great Idea !

  • That’s an interesting omission on PG’s part.

  • @valascia Given the large number of pedal types which aren't included in the Spark (yet) it would be fascinating to learn what the discussions were about what they should include and how they should be implemented. In addition to a pitch shifter, several people have mentioned a pedal like a mu-tron, others want a looper, others (probably most Spark owners) would love either a better noise gate or multiple noise gates to choose among. I don't know if an octave divider would be considered a pitch-shifter. I think of pitch-shifters as pedals which allow slight changes in pitch. But an octave divider would be nice if it would allow the conversion of the sound an octave lower or higher by itself and also the ability to add an octave lower and/or octave higher to the original pitch so that we could play in octaves with ourselves without needing to spend years practicing the fingering necessary to do it without the help of a pedal. Another pedal people might want (I know I do) is a pedal with a longer delay than currently in any of the delay pedals that I've tried so far. There is a marvelous recording by Paul Horn playing flute in the Taj Mahal where the echo is enormously long so that he was able to harmonize with the echo of phrases he had previously played. I used to have a pedal that could do that but I can't remember the make/model (it was over 30 years ago). Not really a looper but kind of like a very limited looper.

    I'm sure that PG's customer support is being bombarded with requests for new pedals -- so we all need to be sure to submit support tickets with our suggestions, mentioning real-world pedals we'd love to see modeled.

  • Very good suggestion!! Great that you will contact support with it!

  • I wrote and suggested it too. The more people who request it the bigger the possibility that they update this feature...
    I wrote that they already have the function in their JamUp app and could simply add it to the Spark app.

  • @cookinman

    Have you looked into running AnyTunePro+ as your Bluetooth music player? I was just turned onto this iOS app for my iPad by @dhbailey and @de_cunny. I see that DH contributed earlier in the thread but didn’t mention his discovery of being able to run both the Spark (Control) app AND AnyTune Pro+ simultaneously by multi tasking them on his iPad. Much credit to @de_cunny for sparking (ugh..sorry) interest in AnyTunes in his “Matching presets for my favorite songs” thread. It took me a bit to recalibrate my brain on what a backing track was but both guys were very helpful.

    As a result I bought AnyTunes Pro+ last night, checked out how to multitask apps on my iPad and can now play a song from my library through the Spark and if the pitch is off Anytune has a pitch shift feature which makes pitch sync a breeze. Additionally I can manage tonality and effects with the Spark app on the fly. Unbelievable flexibility. I understand there might be other reasons why People would want a pitch shift pedal but If pitch sync is the need then AnyTunes is a viable solution. Couple that with multitasking both apps and the world is your oyster.

    Many many thanks to @dhbailey & @de_cunny for helping me get to this point. IMHO IT Might be the single best contribution to this forum yet.


  • @keoki Thank you for your tip!
    I am still waiting for my Spark (anyone else...?), so I can’t test this myself. But can you use the Spark for a Spotify song AND connect this AnyTunePro to pitch the song a step?

  • @stefanloof99


    I’m not a Spotify user, but if you can select it on your device then you should be able to use Anytune to Stream it to your Spark via Bluetooth and manipulate it with the Anytune pitch feature.

  • @stefanloof99 If you select a song in Spotify within the Spark app, you won't be able to change the output with AnyTune because the output will be coming through the Spark app. AnyTune works with songs which are on your device. It doesn't link to Spotify or Youtube. But if you have the song downloaded onto your device, AnyTune can access it and play it while changing the pitch if necessary.

    AnyTune opens the song file from your device and analyzes the whole audio before it plays it, which is how it works. Spotify only streams, so I don't see how AnyTune could be made to work with streaming audio.

  • @keoki So in essence what you are saying is that the AnyTunePro+ has the ability to independently alter tuning up or down on your instrument alone while leaving the backing track alone?
    If I understand that correctly, that may be a work around for apple users, as it does not appear to be available for Android as of now.
    Pretty cool idea tho

  • @cookinman No, it alters the tuning of the song that's being played. It can't alter the sound of your instrument. And it doesn't have anything to do with the backing tracks built into the Spark app. It only works with mp3 files already stored on your device.

  • @dhbailey - Thanks kinda what I thought -
    So If I, lets say for example, played to a backing track of Dr Feelgood or maybe Kickstart my heart, the SONG and Vince Neil's voice would be shifted up? That would sound pretty damn creepy Im thinkin lol

    Cant imagine what Five Finger Death Punch would sound like in standard.....:)

    Great idea on the work around, but that just isnt gonna work....

    Positive Grid - Gonna NEED that pitch shifter please !

  • @dhbailey Thank you for clarifying this!

  • @stefanloof99 & @cookinman,

    dhbailey is great isnt he? One of the most helpful members here in my opinion...I thought if either of you were interested in looking further into Anytunes their users guide might be helpful...https://anytune.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000567411-Welcome-to-Anytune-for-iPhone-iPad-and-iPod-touch

  • @keoki Aw shucks -- thanks for the compliment! It's the teacher in me -- and the Spark fan who wants to help others enjoy this wonderful little amp.

    A further thought on the pitch shifter -- knowing that one of the reasons many of us bought the Spark was to do away with extra pedals there may be some which we can't quite do without yet. A pitch shifter between the guitar and the amp might solve the problem until/unless PG is able to build a pitch shifter into the Spark.