Now I know why they call it Spark

  • Got my unit today. Since my preorder was very late in the lot, I expected to see a 3 prong plug - nope!

    So, I plugged in and heard the terrible hum. Switched to my guitar with buckers and the buzz was worse. As I tried to mute the strings while adjusting my tone and volume I started to feel slight burning from where my arm was touching the strings. The grounding issue is so bad with this thing that I am feeling current from my strings. It was a sparkling sensation!

    The noise issue is mostly mitigated by plugging the USB into my laptop. However, the tone from the speakers is still noisy. I am not expecting too much, but it should be on par with the Yamaha THR that this unit is replacing. It just isn't. Maybe it is a defective unit? But, seeing that Positive Grid has chosen not to ship these with proper power supplies, (after all of the complaints,) makes me wonder if the speaker buzz is acceptable quality and it just is what it is?

  • I'm disappointed as well, for different reasons. My amp speaker does not appear to work. I can only hear through headphones.

  • Shame your having some issues, a lot of others don't have these problems including me. Perhaps a cable came loose during transit?

  • @denimjackrabbit On the facebook group a lot of of people are having the issues with the hums and shocks. @agandy007 is asking a fair question on quality.

  • @david-1 plus one. I wrote to customer service to ask if they can send a replacement power supply before my spark arrives, so I don't have this wait on top. They said no.

  • @josephsbrown3 I did some reading on the facebook group. Looks like not all sparks had the faulty power supply it is not the fact the cord does not have the group prong. I would try the spark you receive first to see if you got a good one supply.

  • @david-1 ok, thanks, I'll wait and see. Someone on another thread suggested an Acer laptop charger does the trick, so I'll wait and see 👍

  • @agandy007 said in Now I know why they call it Spark:

    Yamaha THR

    I look at the Yamaha THR II I really like the new model. Would love to see a spark amp on the same level of quality and built-in battery pack like the THR.

    The software for THR is nice too they but they would need the features of the Spark App (auto chord/jam ) for me to jump on board with the THR.