Only works through headphones

  • I just received my Spark and sound only comes out of the headphone output, not the speaker. I understand that with headphones in the speaker is muted, but it appears to be muted at all times. Maybe it's a bad headphone jack that is making the amp think that headphones are in at all times? Anyone else experiencing this?

  • No, mine works just fine. The obvious troubleshooting would be:
    ensure no BT device is connected; ensure all volume dials are turned to the 12 o'clock position; ensure guitar and cable are in working order (e.g. test with a separate amp)

  • @antcontreras Just tested the guitar and cable are all good. All dials are set to 12' o clock position. If i plug the headphones in everything works and sounds really good in headphones. When I unplug the headphones everything goes quiet. No sound whatsoever from the speaker when i play the guitar.

  • @newsparkuser Can you hear ANYTHING in the speaker, even very light background hiss you have to bend over and listen to hear or is it dead quiet? I haven't tried headphones does the Output volume knob control that volume is so assuming it is doing so?

    It's not the guitar and cable because they are sending a signal into the Spark. You are hearing the preamp out through the headphones so it's not the preamp. That means the power amp section or bad wiring to the speakers. If you had a schematic you could look to see exactly where the headphone out is and know you're good to there but sounds like you need customer support to diagnose.

  • @stinger0625 Thanks for taking a look. I hear absolutely nothing out of the speaker. With headphones everything seems to sound great and be working great (in the headphones). With headphones unplugged i hear absolutely nothing

  • @newsparkuser One possibility is that the headphone jack is somehow damaged so that the contact which shuts off the feed to the speakers is constantly in the "shut off speakers" position and hasn't sprung back to being open to allow power to the speakers. Another possibility is that a connection either to the power transformer section that drives the speakers or between the transformers and the speakers has become disconnected. But no matter what the reason, it's definitely a bummer that your unit isn't functioning properly.

    There have been postings both here and in the Spark Amp Users Group at Facebook of people with major issues where PG has shipped out a new amp immediately, along with a return shipping label to send the defective unit back. I hope they are quick to do the same for you!

  • @dhbailey That's exactly what I think is going on. I think the amp thinks there are headphones plugged in at all times. There is ZERO coming through the speaker. Seems totally muted

  • @newsparkuser And the headphone jack would be a simple mechanical fix, probably just bend a leg a little but opening up the back might void the warranty. See what customer service says, maybe allow you to open and investigate.

  • @stinger0625 That's true - hoping to hear back soon!

  • @stinger0625 Is the problem both with and without the Spark app ? With the app you need both Bluetooth connections. Spark 40 BLE and Spark 40 audio.
    I hope customer support responds quickly.

  • @rexlarsenphoto It's with and without the spark app. It's at all times. Customer Service has been responsive so far. I sent a video of the issue and they said they will work on getting a replacement out to me at some point - hoping this gets confirmed soon.

  • @newsparkuser great, good luck for a fast response

  • @newsparkuser Others who have had similar needs for replacement amps which I've read about in the Spark Amp Owners Club at Facebook have had very fast turnaround times, so I hope the same is true for you!