BIAS pitch shifter question

  • hello.
    when i use the pitch shifter in bias fx , i get a glitch when i first step on the pedal . it is very audible . I am using a cheap M-audio expression pedal and i don't know if the glitch is caused by bias or is caused by my pedal . Has anyone had any glitch issues with the pitch shifter ?
    cheers for your time !!

  • @stone1888 Post a clip so we can hear it..

    I use the same cheap pedal. While not the same as the real Whammy pitch shifting, I don't hear any glitch

    my preset:
    alt text

  • hello
    here is an audio clip of the glitch in solo :

    and here is a snip of the bias fx setup


    i think it may have to do with pedal calibration , it is right as i put my foot down at the start that the glitch happens , when i lift my foot up there is no glitch .

    how did you calibrate your m audio pedal ?

    is that a gilmour solderless fully loaded scatch plate ?
    cheers for your time !!

    where is the live mode on bias fx desktop windows 10 ?

  • Yes dg20. I changed the mother of toilet seat pickguard for a standard one. Well I use a bt2 pedal and I connect the m audio pedal to it, and calibrate with the app for the bt pedal. On an iPad obviously