Spark Audio Interface Feature Issues

  • Due to recent desk space issues from moving my work office home, I've packed up my UR44 interface and decided to try my Spark as an AI into Studio One Pro. Is there something I'm missing here? The input level is ridiculously low, and there's all kinds of interference and excessive noise pickup (hums/clicks/etc). The amp sounds absolutely fine and works as expected standalone. But this was one of the primary features I was looking forward to, and to find out that it's absolutely terrible is super disappointing.

    I'm searching around and I don't see much information on this issue, I'm wondering if I got a faulty unit? I've seen a few people comment on input level being low...but the levels I'm seeing with the noise issues is just insane. Fluke or this a widespread issue?

  • @jf-taffu Have you downloaded the 'Spark Windows ASIO" driver?

  • The firmware update was supposed to raise the volume out of the Digital output. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve learned from other amps with digital outs what you get is a line level signal so it will be low. I will lower the volume of the other tracks and then when I export a final mp3 the volume is normalized and I get a decent mix.