Humming with cable use

  • Like many others enthusiasts, I received my Spark amp a few days ago.
    With much anticipation, I tried out the amp on cable with my Fender American Pro Strat electric and later on my Taylor 614CE acoustic electric guitars.
    The sound from Spark came out well on on my Fender but gave out much humming on my Taylor even on acoustic effect and also I tried on My other several quality cables. I do not have this problem with my Boss Katana amplifier. However, the Spark seems to work ok with the guitar wireless system on Taylor.
    If this is an inherent problem of Spark using cables, I’m disappointed along with another customer service concern.
    Since the day I received the Spark and till now, I’m not able to register my amp online stating the serial number is invalid (although trying out all the possible interpretations of the 9th character of the serial number.
    I’m still waiting for Spark to advise how they plan to regularize my registration for warranty and other entitlements due to Sparks owners.
    The 6 months waiting for this arrival should not be marred and compounded with other unnecessary operating and admin matters.
    It would be great for Positive Grid to enhance our experience by promptly addressIng the mentioned concerns.

  • I believe this is due to the improperly grounded, cheaply made power supply. I haven't tried it wireless, but single coil or humbucker, they both hum quite a lot. When plugged into a surge protector the hum is diminished quite a bit. It simply HAS to be a grounding issue.

  • Some pickups bring it out more than others. It’s partly the power supply and the high gain on some of the presets. A good surge protector also helps.

  • @jsblenk Playing a Strat I only get noise/hum when using the app. That seems odd to me. Sustain is more of an issue for me.

  • @rexlarsenphoto said in Humming with cable use:

    @jsblenk Playing a Strat I only get noise/hum when using the app. That seems odd to me. Sustain is more of an issue for me.

    Yes, I've realised that as well. Turning the decay on the noise gate to 0 and the threshold low seems to help with sustain, but it seems finicky still.

  • @valascia If the power supply adapter is a problem why would my noise/hum only be an issue while using the software ?

  • @jsblenk Others say decay up and threshold very low is the remedy.