How to get the Spark cover/bag

  • I received a Spark amp, but now wish that I ordered it with the cover. Does anybody know if the cover can be ordered as a standalone item? I have checked their website already.

  • @charvelslinger Same here....wished I had ordered the bag, but until they become available for purchase, (if they ever do) I have modified the Spark box with a carrying strap and it works great. I used small strips of velcro hidden so the box flaps lock down and the bottom shipping foam keeps the Spark firmly in place. Found I didn't need the top shipping foam. Should last a long time with how I use it. Has enough room for some extra items such as an extension chord, the power supply, iPad and an iPod. It actually looks pretty decent too. But most importantly, it protects the Spark when I travel with it.

  • I ordered the one with the bag and haven't gotten the bag yet. I'm wondering if the bag will take another 1/4 of the year.