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  • I’ve had my Spark for several days and hope my friends here will comment on a few issues I am having. I haven’t plugged it into a computer yet but the app lists the firmware as I’m nearly certain the firmware listed had been I can’t explain the change.
    Two Bluetooth listings show up on my iPad, Spark BLE and Spark 40. I don’t know why there are two. My app version is
    My main reason for firmware concern is a significant issue with sustain. I can get many cool sounds from the Spark but the notes waver a bit and then drop or fad out. There is rarely any even sustain. The inexpensive amp is very cool but this problem needs a solution. Any thoughts or similar experiences ?

  • @rexlarsenphoto many people have initially complained about a lack of sustain, but others have suggested that they lower the settings on the Noise Gate, I think especially the threshold. While apparently turning the Noise Gate off completely results in undesireable noise, I've read where people found that having it switched on but with both the knobs turned all the way down gives them the sustain they want and still eliminates the noise from their pickups. It's worth a try.

  • Exactly that is the solution untill they make the noisegate better.

  • @dhbailey

    I set the decay to 10 (we want more decay, right?), then raise the threshold from 0 until the background noise goes away. Currently set at 0.3. Silence, and acceptable sustain on a fairly distorted tone, in a moderately noisy electromagnetic environment.

  • There are 2 connections via Bluetooth. One is the audio coming into the amp from the app or your music on your device. The other is for the midi data that keeps the presets in sync so that when you turn the knobs on the amp it adjusts in the app and vice verse.

  • I really appreciate your comments and welcome more about the uncommon loss of sustain. Any thoughts on two Spark Bluetooth options appearing on my iPad, and accessing the ideal firmware version ?
    Thanks !

  • @valascia Thanks for explaining it.

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  • @dhbailey Thanks for the really helpful comment.