Registration and PreSonus failures

  • There has got to be more than just the fewof us as replies regarding registration and Presonus Studio One with the same problem(s). Yes I am having the same isssues and frustration as what has to be a slew of folks with the same issue. Really, has anyone sucessfully registered their Spark and able to get the PreSonus product? I can empathize with PG and the difficulties that Covid has caused to the world. But I must say there must be organizational issues that are coveted by PG. Just fess up and tell us what is going on with registration so we can get what we paid for. And, Yes I got the same "NO PreSonus Coupon" as the rest of us. Just be honest.

  • @joedixon18

    Sorry to hear that. Yes, I read of that problem with registration and PreSonus. I fllowed the instructions I found on this page: and everything went smooth... Maybe the only thing that went smooth with this thing. Have you checked the SPAM folder of your e-mail? Maybe the mail with the code ended up in there? :-(

  • @drbaroni , I tried that a couple of days age and still could not register. I started a ticket with support. Waiting on a reply

  • Well, first I had to get past the login issues with this forum so I could reply. When I registered last week, it gave me an error and didn't appear to have finalized the registration. I submitted a help case. Meanwhile, I went and checked my email and the key code for Studio One was there .. so even though it had given me a registration error, it must have processed.

    Don't be too anxious for the code .. I can't get the software to recognize the amp anyway. lol