JAM Recording does not recognise Chords

  • Hi there,
    did you encounter this weird result, too? - Your JAM recording session always displays G chords, after creating the play-a-long track? While recording even playing simple guitar chords, D, Am, E .... the result in the generated JAM session is always G, and G only.

    Any ideas ... is the problem with the amp, or does it sit in front of it?


  • @corvax87 When you play the chords to smart jam is the device near the amp or is the volume on the amp turned up loud enough that the device's mic can hear the chords you're playing? I can create a smart jam on my devices (iPad and iPhone) using an acoustic guitar and I don't even have an amp yet. Make sure the Spark App has permission to access the mic on your device and make sure the sounds from the amp and/or the guitar are loud enough to be picked up by the mic on the device.

  • It's really odd that the app uses the mic from the device rather than the signal going into the amp. It doesn't seem to recognize sus chords: it turned an Fsus progression into into a cacophonous Eb (you'd think it would be sharp) and Smart Jam produced a completely unusable accompaniment. I'll have to try it with the mic closer and facing the speakers I suppose. I hope they address this!

  • the chord recognition is not accurate in smart jam or spotify/YouTube.
    You just have to accept this fact.

  • @crystalpit At least with SmartJam you can edit the chords by holding your finger on a chord you don't like until a popup appears with the words 'Edit Chord' and an X to cancel it. When you tap on the words Edit Chord you get a screen with two spinners -- the one on the left lets you change the root note of the chord, and the one on the right lets you change the chord extension.

  • @crystalpit Not accurate and not recognizing any chord is a difference to me. The fact that the answer is always "G" on my device is not inaccuracy for me. The impression from the various videos created, is for me different. - I agree not all chords from the music interpretation are correct, I can live with that ... nothing is perfect ... the issue with the JAM recording not recognizing simple D, Am, C chord is a little bit disappointing... Thank you for your reply!

  • @corvax87 Any kind of processing of you tablet or phone mic input going on?

  • @jsblenk It's not odd that the app uses the mic from the device. There is no audio signal being sent over bluetooth back to the app so there is no way for the app to know what is being played. The only data going back and forth between the amp and the app over bluetooth is all the settings data for the effects and amp model. The music which plays from the app into the amplifier for us to play along with is a one-way send from device to amp.

  • @dhbailey Ah, that makes a lot of sense now that I think about it.

  • @dhbailey Thank you for the advice. This solves my problem, didn't expect that the mic from the device is recording while my guitar is directly plugged into the amp ... a weird concept, but this information I got my played chords recorded correctly. - Thanks again!

  • so what happens if you're trying to create a jam recording and your wife is watching TV in the same room or listening to other music?
    One might just get a g major chord the whole time? maybe that's the default chord when confused

  • @crystalpit said in JAM Recording does not recognise Chords:

    so what happens if you're trying to create a jam recording and your wife is watching TV in the same room or listening to other music?

    She'll YELL at you to TURN THE DAMN THING DOWN and you'll get a very dissonant minor chord progression............

  • @crystalpit You're right about the G chord seeming to be the default. You can edit every chord in the smartjam to be what you want, after it's created, so it would be possible to get it just right without annoying your wife. Or take the device and your guitar to a different room so it won't bother her, play your chords into the Spark Amp App and then go back to where the spark is. Or simply play your guitar in a different room. If you're doing two very different activities you don't really need to be in the same room, do you? The battery unit I purchased is small enough and light enough that I plan on figuring out how to make it easily attachable and detachable to the Spark Amp so that I can take it anywhere and not bother people. Or take it anywhere and bother people if I wish. ;-)