Bias 2 Amp Match Frustration: Cannot use my own amp/settings.

  • Anyone else notice that the new Amp Matching method in '2' is too simple? It is no longer allowing me to customize an amp and then refine that customization via an amp match.

    The screen where you sample the guitar and select the genre completely defines the amp and settings that are going to be used wiping any customization you have done. i.e. if you pick 'Hi-Gain' or 'Metal' or whatever it always picks the same source amp and target settings to match. It does not use the amp model you are starting from.

    So, yesterday, I was matching an amp that runs EL-34s but is a high gain amp. I get a custom Bias model fairly close with an EL-34 power section, high gain preamp and a cab that has the same speakers as my cab. I save this amp as a new custom amp and then reload it and go to amp match it.

    Bias 2 completely resets that custom amp and uses a starting point that is much farther off. It picks an entirely different amp, the power tube type is wrong, the cab type is something way different than my cab, etc. The match is is okay at best, not as close as it would have been if it had used the similar model, the feel, the response to tone and master volume, etc, none of it is as 'good' as my custom Bias amp... I can go back through after the match and recustomize it but then the Amp Match is completely inaccurate. :frowning:

    This also causes problems when I want to just match a preamp. I have direct access to some preamps and wanted to match them with bypassed cabs and custom power amp settings then reenable the cab later (with say the Celestion IRs). Because it always changes the amp and puts a cab in there when I amp match with Bias 2 it is impossible to amp match a preamp whereas Bias 1 could (IIRC).

    I really want Bias 2 to be a complete replacement for 1. I don't want to have to keep 1 around because there is a bunch of stuff it does better than 2. I hope PG gets this sorted.

    Notice that this actually comes up in Ola's video (@ around 12:19 'let me tweak this real quick... they changed everything' ) he has to go back and recustomize the amp after the match because amp match reset his custom amp:

  • OMG, good that you ask, mate! I would have liked to ask the same question by myself but I didn't know how to explain it :(

    To be honest I thought I was a dumbass, no to understand the meaning behind the selection at the end of the process and I did not find the time to investigate.

    Do you know what will happen if one would record a riff with one of the defaults? Let's say the ugly sounding Fire?
    Would v2 match his own defaults correctly using the fire as starting point and then choosing a nearby bank?!

    Unfortunately there are no helpfiles on the new matching feature :(

  • @sascha-ballweg Based on my testing it seems to pick the amp to match largely based on the button you click on (i.e. clean, crunch, insane, etc)....

    Another issue on the Mac anyway: everything looks greyed out on that dialogue even the stuff that is live, they really need to change the color of the text on the page where you are sampling your guitar.

    But yeah, that is secondary to adding some sort of button that says use current amp model. This really limits the power of amp match.

  • Off-topic: Ola wasn't using the latest version...or was that a Mac? the transformer didn't have the 'pure' option. Also, notice his output volume is very low, but it's pretty loud, in contrast to many of our experiences.....

  • @elric +1 on highlighting the options that are "available" to use when in the amp matching menu. Everything being greyed out the same is quite annoying and wastes time trying to see what's available and what's not

  • I am not certainly sure I we got heard at the moment as @Joe-Kuo doesn't chime in, even in the closed beta category? Seems that all manpower is channeled into the Bias FX integration :/

  • @sascha-ballweg Yeah, they are way behind on tickets, too. I have had a a couple sit way longer than their usual response time. I am sure it is due to all the stuff going on after the '2' roll out.

    @Joe-Kuo and @Felix
    The issue here does not necessarily have to be first priority as I know there are other bugs in the initial release (I've reported some! :wink: ) and customers want the Bias 2 hardware support, the second celestion pack, the elite preset pack, and FX integration. So, I think most users here get all of that and it makes sense.

    BUT in my opinion this needs to be treated as an eventual must update kind of issue in a future release once the dust settles a bit.

    By forcing the amp settings they are not only reducing the accuracy of the match feature they are also limiting what you can do with it (match preamps, match cabinets, etc). I would have envisioned a button that just says 'current' or something in addition to the category buttons. It's easier to use but gives up way too much in terms of accuracy and capability.