Shipping Confusion

  • This post is deleted!

  • "Order will be shipped before July 31" is what my page says...

    Either it was not updated, or it was not shipped yet.

  • @michael-howell Same here -- PG has no clue how to process orders sequentially! I don't mind the wait, and I understand different shipping sequences for different countries which result in orders more recent than mine being received in a different country before I get mine. What really burns my butt is when people in the same country with higher order numbers that ordered more recently than I did are receiving their amps while many of us with lower order numbers and older dates aren't receiving ours. That is just plain incompetence!

  • PG needs to "Fire" the idiot whos job it is to process "by-date of purchase" and ship the Spark units out in order because there is no order it seems. Just what-ever they can grab seems to be the current process.

  • @minetheviper Most people have waited much longer. Relax, the compact $200 amp made in China will show up. It’s not perfect, but a fun bargain with a price that has little competition.

  • @dhbailey PG does have a clue on shipping sequentially. By servicing the newer orders PG can state they have solve their shipping issues at the expense of the pre-order people.

    If they do fulfill the pre-orders first there shipping issues will last longer causing people not to order the new product.

    It is a management decision, the pre-order people are mad no matter what (cut your losses); make sure the new order customers are happy.

  • @rexlarsenphoto I think the Spark application is way undervalue. The made in China part is the only negative part. I hope they move production to any other country except for China.

    $225 price is a bargain. The only completion is the Yamaha THR10 II.