Spark Delivered

  • Maybe PG have sorted their logistics issues.
    Ordered my Spark 7 Jul, just delivered 30 Jul.
    Didn't receive an update form PG to say it had been dispatched, but did get notifications from DHL.
    Delivery was to New Zealand.

  • yes, Asia pacific region units are sent ex Hong Kong warehouse now, no delays other than freight and custons

  • @si_nice That's excellent service -- just over 3 weeks. Maybe I'll move to New Zealand so I'll get my amp faster -- I'm just over 11 weeks here in the USA with no tracking number, frustrating bragging e-mails from the CEO of PG saying they've shipped almost 20,000 amps in the past week (he should have added a parenthetical comment - Just not yours, David!) and bragging about how they've shipped most of the pre-orders (again he should add Just not yours, David), following on after an e-mail in early July about how they've resolved the "shipping out of sequence" problem (not true, PG, stop bragging about things which are patently false!)

    And my situation isn't as bad as some who ordered back in February and March and still haven't received their amps yet.

    I guess the people who work in the Hong Kong warehouse are more efficient than whomever PG has working in the warehouses in the USA!

    Enjoy your amp -- I'm dying to finally get my hands on my amp!

  • Ordered mine March 25th and received it July 29th! It IS as great as the reviews make it out to be! Not saying I EVER want to wait this long again but, dare I say, it comes very close to being worth it! 😁 I haven’t even gotten into the whole tone cloud thing yet(will be delving deeper this weekend) but the tone of this little box is incredible! No unwanted noise, hum, issues so far, that others have complained about In other threads. I am EXTREMELY PLEASED!!