Ordered in February, still no spark amp!!

  • I mean c'mon... I see people received their amps after ordering this summer!
    I ordered mine in early Feb and still no ship notification.

    Every time you put a deadline date on the tracking page you miss the deadline.. At this point I'm really tempted to cancel.. I know it's only $270'ish but if others are getting the amp after just a few months of waiting, then you're just messing with your customers..

  • @kreegrr Especially since there are people in the same country as me (USA) who have received their amp within 3 weeks!
    I can understand people in different countries receiving their amps out of sequence because of the logistics of shipping the amps in containers from China to the different regions. But if they can put a shipping label on an amp to get it from California to Chicago only three weeks after the person ordered, they can certainly put a shipping label on an amp to get it from California to New Hampshire when it's been 11 weeks since I placed my order. The same goes for people in the US who ordered even longer ago than 11 weeks but still haven't gotten their amps yet. Something's just not right with the PG shipping department. And it's even more maddening because they brag about having shipped almost 20,000 amps this week, claiming they have "by now shipped most pre-orders" and previously claimed they had solved the "shipping out of sequence" problem. Somehow they have lost/misplaced/ignored a lot of our pre-orders which were made in good faith.

  • If you haven't tried click on the Contact Support above with your information.

  • Just got my refund this morning, I'm finally a happy customer..