Why are people in the same country who only ordered 3 weeks ago receiving their amps?

  • So I go to check my status at PG's web-site and my order is still "Ordered May 14 - being prepared, will ship before July 31" and I see all those little popups of people placing new orders and I think "How many of you will get your amps before I get mine?!?!" My status was "In Local Distribution" back in early July before PG changed their order status page and placed my order as "being prepared." So how can my status have been "in local distribution" BEFORE some of these orders were placed after that date, and those newer orders are already filled and my order (along with many who ordered even earlier than I did!) hasn't even gotten a tracking number yet? And my request for information about my order has gone unanswered by PG. If there's anybody associated with PG on this list, can you please help us?

  • @dhbailey I just got a reply from customer service (actually the should start calling themselves "customer disservice") asking me to be patient, that my amp will be shipped by the end of August or early September, that they are shipping "in the highest priority." Yet people with order numbers higher than mine here in the US (a couple in neighboring towns to mine!) have gotten either their amps or tracking numbers and delivery dates, while I and many others in the same country with much lower order numbers have not received ours yet and are expected to be patient. That's hardly "in the highest priority."

  • Yeah I put my order in around June 25th and it's scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Seems like things are out of wack for you guys that purchases a while back.

  • @glennvalentine What state/country are you in? I'm in NH and know of at least two people who live within 20 miles of me who ordered around the same time (one just before me, one just after me) and they've both received their amps now.

  • Ordered Feb #151xxx still waiting ."Being prepared for July 31..."

  • This ain't rocket science, why their logistics person cannot get the orders shipped in the order they were placed is absurd. Keep using the Contact Support button above, I think that is what got my February order finally shipped as people who order months later were receiving theirs.

  • @dhbailey Hey we're neighbors...sort of. I live in Rhode Island... regrettably.

  • @glennvalentine There may be problems with Rhode Island, but we love going down to Narragansett Beach! And we joke that if we ever win the lottery we'll buy a house in Narragansett just so that we can get a parking pass to the beach parking lot! Both our kids went to URI -- my son played in two bands in RI: The Ticonderogas and MilkBread. Both groups played around the South County area, the WheelHouse and a couple other clubs. Of course, this year we're not hitting the beach at Narragansett and we really miss it!

  • @glennvalentine I would say that as far as logistics go for PG's shipping needs, we are in the same "region." I should have had mine shipped before yours, definitely, although I'm happy you've got an amp to be playing with!

  • Ordered mine in early March 2020.

    I was told (On their website) mine would ship by July 31st. Now it says Order will be shipped around Aug 12 - Aug 20".

    They didn't mention what year...

  • @dhbailey How long did it take customer service to answer? I order my Amp back in Feb, they have move the ship day three times now.

  • @david-1 I got a reply the same day, August 1st. However I have sent them at least 6 other e-mails citing specific individuals who are in my region and received their amps within a few weeks while I and others with much older orders in the same region have not received ours and I have gotten no response at all.

  • @dhbailey I have not gotten any response to the contact form/email submissions. The only other time I have seen this type of customer service was in companies that was in there last days of business before shutting their doors.

  • @dhbailey

    I got a response now.

    They are checking with the shipping partner now to local the amp and bag. I provided the tracking number for the labels that were printed. It looks like the shipping partner in Ca is the main issue.

    I wonder if the new orders are going through a different warehouse/shipping partner. Maybe a better partner.

  • @david-1 Thanks for keeping us posted -- let's hope that your interaction with customer support yields an amp quickly!

  • I received my Amp (sans bag) on 29 July. I was surprised since I ordered in late May. I checked the shipping data it appeared to have shipped from Illinois to NC. They said they were expanding their logistics footprint so I guess I benefitted from that. Now if I can just get the bag and a new power supply.

  • @dhbailey I am in San Diego CA. I ordered my Spark on June 17th. It was delivered July 30th!!! I was surprised that it arrived so quickly. It is AWESOME. Not to rub it in.

  • Hate to admit.
    Monday, Aug 3, 2020, 8:48am, Ordered.
    Tuesday, Aug 4, 2020, 3:13pm, FedEx shipping notice.
    Wednesday, Aug 5, 2020, 1:45pm, Delivered.

    It shipped from about 35 miles away (City of Industry, CA)

  • @chrisedge I am happy to report that this morning I received an update email from PG that shows my amp has finally shipped -- I have an actual tracking number and checking with UPS I see that the package is actually in the possession of UPS and on its way! I just hope that people who ordered before me are also getting valid tracking numbers!

  • I've had a tracking number that does not work since the 16th of Jul, (Ordered March 28), on the tracking page said it was shipped and with local couriers.

    End of July the tracker updated and now it says its shipped 16th of July, but expect shipment between Aug 5th - Aug 8, and I still have a tracking number that doesn't work.

    Located Australia.

    Can't wait to trade it for a Boss Katana