Spark registration

  • Has anyone had trouble trying register the amp to get the free presonus download? i just get a "no coupon" error. is there supposed to be a "my account" page where your registered items show up

  • @m5gvy

    Yeah, I had to submit a support ticket to get my spark registered to my PG account. They sent the authorisation code for Studio One with it, I've never used it though. Plenty other free options out there.

  • thanks for the reply. good to know im not the only one. im a sucker for a freebie..
    i shall have a go with something else later.

  • Isn’t the Studio One software version already available as freeware ?

  • Got mine yesterday and have the same issue trying to register.

  • @m5gvy My serial number is not working for registration either. I also see the "NO_PRESONUS_COUPON" error message. This seems to indicate that my Spark is not registered and there is no opportunity to obtain Presonus.

  • I tried registering my spark as well. I'll send in a support ticket like m5gvy. Good to know it's not just me.


  • Got my Spark today. Same problem.

  • Same msg. NO PRESONUS COUPON. Ticket submitted

  • I got my Spark AMP yesterday and I have the same problem. I thought I was the only one having this issue but I am not alone I see

  • Yep same here!,extremely disappointed in the process have wasted hours trying to sort things out just completely confused now!

  • I had the same issue. I sent a note to PG support and they replied within a day. They registered it for me and sent a link for Studio One install.

  • @mbcarrol they did the same for me telling me they registered it on the back end. Their instructions show that you need an activation code to get the presonos software the download they sent me requires an activation code. They closed out my ticket and said it was done. without that code I haven't been able to get past step 4 in their registration process.
    I noticed in Step 5 of the instructions it shows it should be studio one version 5 artist edition. The download they sent me is Studio One version 4 and the edition portion won't activate without an activation code. The only option I get is a 1 week trial. It is very frustrating. I emailed them on 7/29 they said it was done on the backend on 7/30 sent me the download link no activation I responded back they sent me some picture that didn't load and said hope that helps then marked it resolved.

  • Lots of us are having the same issue. Anyone get a solid response from PG that actually worked? I have used the amp and successful with the app. I really like what it does but why the hell should registration be so difficult, time consuming and totally our of sync with every other registration process for a musical product? The CEO needs to address this issue as he did with order fullfilment and get it fixed so we can move on! I wished I had his or her email address. Anyone got it?

  • Yes,, very frustrated registration problem

  • I am having the No_presonus_coupon message when I try to register my Spark. I have put in a message to support several days ago with no response. Waiting as I would like to use the app.

  • @donvnarr And I’m in the same exact boat as all others in this forum. After entering my Spark’ SN, the registration ends (the site didn’t ask for any information nor confirmed a successful registration). I assume the registration failed. I got to a screen stating “no PreSonus coupon” which seems to want me to believe that I wasn’t holding a coupon with a QR that started me on the entire process... Ticket submitted. I hope this comes to a good resolution.

  • I got an email overnight saying they loaded activation codes on the backend to the serial numbers. I was able to register the software and run it. I was able to register the code successfully. I wish I had time to actually try it but I have to work today. If they did all of them it may be worth it to try to register again.

  • Received the same response to my ticket. Registered and downloaded PreSonus successfully. Haven't tried connecting to the Amp yet.