Quick note on ToneCloud using a custom IR or a Celestion-Pack Cab

  • Received some good info from @Joe-Kuo regarding ToneCloud presets. I put some work into a tone I wanted to upload to the ToneCloud, but it utilized a custom IR. I wasn't sure if ToneCloud would store the custom IR to the preset, as it wasn't part of the initial software.

    Turns out it WILL save the preset with the custom IR to the ToneCloud for all to use.

    BUT, if the preset has a Celestion-Pack cab, users who do not have that pack will not be able to download the preset.

  • @danbieranowski Makes sense. That is how the FX presets work for presets containing model pack or Bias pedal content.

  • @elric Yeah for sure. My main concern was the custom IR not coming across, as I wanted everyone to have access to this tone as created, and I was worried it would either just have no cab applied, or would pick a random cab instead from the pre-loaded options.

  • A2

    The custom IRs come out fine, I have loads of them on tonecloud

  • @pipelineaudio How does it display for the user that downloads it down? As the IR loader screen? And if they navigate to a different cab, can they return to the IR included with the sample?

    Haven't uploaded anything to TC yet, so this will be a first.