Quick Snap function - not really convinced

  • I often optimize my tones and so, I would like to love the Quick Snap function, but I don't find a way to delete a snap.

    Lets say, f.e. I like to set 2 amps in competition, to find a lead tone:
    So I tweak Amp1 to my need and try to get Amp2 in the same ballpark or even better.
    From there I like to go in details and a overall comparison. This could be nice and easily and without selecting and switching amps from the bank-view using the Quick Snap but from my POV it is nessesary to delete Snaps that can't hold on with others, to keep an overview.

    Any ideas how to delete a Quick Snap or what would be the best way to delete one in the future even on iOS?
    As "hold" is used to save a Snap I would prefer a Pop-Up for a "Save or Delete" option.

    BTW I find the time needed to save a Snap a little bit to long. I would preferre a little bit shorter save-process.

  • BUG Win10, BIAS Amp 2 latest (
    The Quick Snap feature lets my audio-interface crash, when I select the first Snap :/

    EDIT: Tonecloud download (not preview) crashes the audio-interface too sometimes :(