Who’s playing what?

  • Hey! What is everybody playing through?

    What is your current P.G. set-up and how do you run it? Live? Studio? Bedroom?

    What one thing would you like to see from Positive Grid in the near future?

    Mark, Michigan

  • Bedroom player. I have 2 goals in life. To get the Gilmour sound and the Edge sound on Bias FX. Half way there.

    Here's my setup:

  • I use a Bias Head live, as well as the Bias Amp and FX software in the studio. I have a small basic home studio for personal projects and a larger studio where I work doing sound design for a theme park.

    In the future I’d like to see user experience enhancements to make workflow faster, and I’m looking forward to the hardware footswitch.

  • I have the Bias Head through a hughes and kettner 4x12" cabinet. I run it in my "sun room" which is where my band practices and I do my vocal/guitar/bass recording.

  • Just BiasFX, in my electronics playroom space. My sole tone is based in a specific combination of FX components, and the stock characteristic of the one amp I use seems to be the best it can get for me, so BiasAmp isn't useful to me yet.

    @danbieranowski said in Who’s playing what?:

    In the future I’d like to see user experience enhancements to make workflow faster, and I’m looking forward to the hardware footswitch.

    Yeah, like group patch managment. Especially as mine tend to have very long names.

  • @alderre

    That is a sweet set up! What monitors do you use?

    It is good to have goals in life as well! Mine tend to be tone related as well :p

  • @alderre man this is awesome

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    @alderre This is awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!!:guitar:

  • @dc42 They are just basic Samson Resolv65

  • 0_1506360403865_PGOrange.jpg

    This is the current studio setup. PG Bias Head and Orange PPC112. Going to do a video review/runthrough one of these days. I'll make sure I post it up in this forum.

  • @alderre said in Who’s playing what?:

    Samson Resolv65

    Thanks for the reply!

  • @alderre

    Still love the picture of your set up. Question about monitors...tried a set of JBL LSR308 8" monitors and was very disappointed. Sounded like someone covered them with a blanket. Returned them and have been experimenting with headphones and just some bookshelf speaker configs via my focusrite 2i4. Still think monitors are the way to go although I am not into recording. Just like rocking out messing with different rig set ups. Can anyone recommend some monitors that are not flat and dark sounding? Been looking at some of the Focal monitors but they are kind of pricey.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Want to get the most out of my bias software.


    @tannhauser said in Studio Monitors:

    Neumann's are KH120a

    Thanks all for the replies (and offers)! Lots of options for sure :)


  • Bias Head for live through a Marshall 4x12 Cab (probably needs an upgrade) with Bias Distortion Pedal, Bias Delay Pedal and a FCB101 midi controller (still configuring) with iPad for tweaking head/pedals. Still experimenting with Distortion Pedal vs Bias Amp Distortions for Live. Studio using Bias FX, Bias AMP and Pro Tools.