Sparks Asio driver

  • So far I am really pleased with the amp. The one thing I have noticed is the asio driver still needs some work. The only DAW I've found that it works properly with is Studio one products. I own studio one 5, and the tracks mute the amp when not monitored as they should so you can kill the amp speaker output when the track isn't "armed". Can adjust volume of amp output with track controls too. Very handy when using MidiGuitar2 that takes audio and turns it to midi, so you dont here the raw guitar sounds too.
    Ive tried it on Reaper, pro tools and cakewalk. They recognize the amp asio OK but cannot turn of track monitoring and kill the speaker sound, in fact you dont even have to arm the track to record as the track you are live on just takes the signal. Thats fine unless you want the raw guitar sound silenced. I have used the headphones out with a Focusrite Solo and it works as should of course using the focusrite asio driver in any of the DAWs.

  • I have just realized today that in Ableton live 9 input is not recognized, while Ableton live 10 is working fine. ASIO driver needs a lot of work, recording is a very important feature in SPARK, and losing time guessing what is wrong is something that in 2020 is not pleasant at all. I own a VOX ADIO Air GT and it works amazingly well, it is just Plug and Play. Korg guys know how to handle this kind of stuff.

  • @alegarcia46-0 Supposedly if you use asio4all instead of the Spark Asio driver the quality of connection is much better.

  • Does the asio4all driver have a low latency 64 buffer = 2.5 ms. Could it be used for online jamming with Jamulus. Unfortunately the current spark asio driver is a single channel where Jamulus wants a two channel even though it is combined to one before transmission. Jamulus requires 48k 24 bit at 128 buffers but works best at 64 buffers for reduced latency. I currently run the aux out to an old maudio mtrack at 128 which is OK. Most USB audio devices do not have an aux input.

  • You can take it to 64 if your hardware will support it without drop outs