• I reported that when i plugged guitar into the amp there was no signal from the guitar input. I did a factory reset no help -and then i did a software update-no change. PG said if nothing changed after reset they would start RMA process and swap it out. Which i copy and pasted below-After the months of waiting to then get a defective amp is bad. However, what makes it worse is for PG to drag their feet about “swapping it out” thats pretty poor customer service. You would think any customer with a defective, unplayable, amp would be moved to the front of the line for a “swap”. IMO, PG is showing very poor customer service in this regard. I am still waiting for an OK on the RMA Process.

    “If you still failed to get any signal out of your guitar input, I will start a RMA process and swap it out for you shortly. Thanks“