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  • I've found some truly amazing Tone Cloud presets, but it seems very cluttered, full of redundancy and duds.

    I try to sort by popularity, but it maybe gives me 10-15 decent hits per style and that's it. If I sort by 'all', I get dozens of copies of the same wishy-washy clone patches.

    Is there a thread for suggesting the absolute best of the best tone patches?

    I find I get better results by searching with keywords for artist names, like SRV, EVH, Satriani, Vai, etc., but they're not all great.

    My favourite patches so far are a Plini clean, a Petrucci lead and an Engl. That's not exactly 10K awesome tones.

  • You are absolutely right. All presets that are uploaded under any fancy name will hardly be found later. Only the artist or song title will really bring you to a usable result. And yes, there are over 10,000 presets, but there is a lot of junk underneath.
    What makes it even more difficult ... even the top-rated hits of an artist or song are often not usable because they obviously do not originate from Spark, but were also taken over by other software. So be careful with presets that already show dozens of hearts and thousands of downloads. Only the 3rd hit under Hendrix was uploaded by Spark.

  • @de_cunny I'm not sure why being uploaded by Spark is something to consider. While I'm sure that any uploaded by Spark will be designed to show off the amp to best results, that doesn't mean that everybody will like them. Conversely, those tones designed by users aren't by definition horrible. Many of the user-created tones were designed to get a sound that the individuals designing them thought were good. Again that doesn't mean that everybody (or indeed anybody other than the designer) will like them.

    I think it would be terrific if PG were to redesign the ToneCloud so that people could search for the name of the designer of the tone, in addition to other terms. It would be great if the number of categories were expanded also.

  • Almost all original PG presets included in the Spark app are really good.
    In the cloud, this is not the case for many, and it does not necessarily have to do with my own taste. There is actually a certain tolerance range that is individual. The sound can also vary depending on which guitar, with which pickups, in which position, with which volume and tone is played.
    But there are many, many presets that are so quiet that you can hardly hear them or the tone dies directly because the noise gate is too wide open or they are so overloaded with effects that it just sounds terrible.
    And I repeat myself at this point. Not every of the most popular presets from the cloud comes from the Spark app. I got my Spark amp very early and even when there weren't many, the cloud already consisted of more than 10,000 presets, and to my surprise I found a sound that I uploaded with Jamup 4 years ago. But a preset from Jamup doesn't necessarily sound good on the Spark.
    The favorite presets in the cloud with thousands of downloads are not created with the Spark app. That is the reason, that some off the top favorites are not good.
    I don't even need the Spark's technical gadgets. I just want to play. For this i need good sounds and play to the backing tracks via anytune.
    From the presets in the cloud I could use Slash and AC / DC presets directly, they are really good ones. Everything else, Gilmore, Hendrix, etc., I just created by myself. It only takes time and patience.

  • @de_cunny Aahhh -- I didn't know that tones from any other apps were available for the Spark. That would help to explain why so many were available so quickly. That also explains why so many tones in the tonecloud don't sound very good on the Spark. Thanks for explaining further!