Smart Jam a one trick pony?

  • LIke the backing tracks with the charts and bringing in Spotify playlist. The import does a fair job of figuring the chords but wish they could be edited like in Smart Jam. That being said I can't anything decent out of Smart Jam. Is there anyway to get it to do a blues or even jazz rhythm and bass line. I've tried playing different rhythms and progressions and all I can get is a pop sounding track with either of the drummers. Even tried what I'd consider a blues rock type and still the same old pop type of track.

  • @stinger0625

    Hmm, yes, had the same impression. But I just tried it once. As they are supposed to be AI powered, they should kinda "learn" in time. But I'm not sure... "AI powered" can mean so many different things... :-)

  • @stinger0625 Actually SmartJam is a two-trick pony these days, with the addition of a second drummer. Unfortunately swinging rhythms or bluesy/jazzy backing doesn't seem to be either of the two tricks. Be sure to submit a support request through the "Contact Support" at the top of this page asking for the kinds of accompaniments you hope for in the SmartJam feature. The more people who ask for the same or similar things, the greater the chance that they will be added. I hope that once all these early orders finally get shipped further improvements will happen to the app like adding other drummers to the SmartJam feature.

  • @dhbailey Yes already submitted a request to extend it from 8 to 12 bars. Didn't they have any musicians on the design team???

  • I live in an apartment and play thru headphones mostly. I guess Smartjam is a no go for me as it appears to use the mic on the device the app is installed to. Kind of bummed.

  • @valascia Yes I just recently read that too and was surprise but then remembered the amp is not a bluetooth or midi send device it only receives from what I see. The only input the app would have is through the mic on the phone or tablet. Now I play facing the amp with my tablet on a mic stand between us facing me not the Spark. I'm going to have to try turned around with the spark behind and see if it does better.

  • @dhbailey I say one trick because I can't tell much difference between the two trying to get something for my taste.

  • im sad that i cant save my jam tracks that i make up. i mean i probably could using the presonus software that came with it but i havent figured that out yet.

    and yes i agree the drummer sound pretty much the same, same bass pop and drum beats. also why have the pop and blues drummer icons but not a jam one that we can use.?

  • @jigamac1 Would be good improvement for the next app update

  • @stinger0625 The Digitech TRIO does this nicely. I have not had a chance to play with the SPARK yet (just got it), but this sounds disappointing. If Digitech can do it... anyone can! 😉

  • @stinger0625 agreed...8 bars just isn't enough

  • yes the Trio or trio+ is tons better than smart jam.
    The reason I got a spark was for that feature.
    And its crap and too simple.
    I just haven't found a way of integrating both devices together though.
    So I was stuck on one or the other.
    After checking the chord function on the app was mostly out and of no use to me,
    I kept the trio+ and sold the Spark.
    I'm back to where I started, using my fx inline on the trio+.
    Does the job,and a whole lot more fun.