Noisy Tone after Update

  • I was working on some music and took a break to take care of some other things in life. I wanted to get back into working on it this week and in preparation, I updated my Bias Amp and Bias FX plugins, changed strings, replaced batteries, etc. When I loaded up the music and listened to it, it's extremely noisy, almost like the noise gate wasn't on. This is a high gain tone so it definitely requires some noise gate but when I originally recorded it, it wasn't noisy at all. Now, even with the noise gate at a high threshold, I'm getting noise anywhere the guitar isn't playing (accents, etc.) Just to verify, I listened to an old demo version of the song and there was no noise at all. I confirmed I am running on Bias Amp version

    Any recommendations for what to look at?

    My first thought is that I would like to try reverting back to old versions of Bias Amp to see if that fixes the problem. In the update history, I see changes to the noise gate as of so I'd like to start there. Where can I download older installers?

  • @davis-jacobj Do you have an input open that you're not aware of while listening to the tracks? I have sometimes used a spare track to jam over and have left it on while the guitar sits in the stand.

  • @Shane-Bradley-Dixon, Thanks for the reply.

    That was exactly what I thought it was at first. I ensured that none of my inputs are on "monitor".

    It's pretty clearly that sound when you staccato a string, you hear noise and the noise gate fades out the noise. I can play at specific sections of the song which emphasize that sound (i.e. staccato). Putting a track on solo makes it even more obvious that's what the sound is. I can upload a section if you want to hear it.

  • @davis-jacobj I guess you have tried bypassing plugins and the like?

  • @shane-bradley-dixon The only plugin I'm running on this particular song across all tracks (except drums/bass) is Bias Amp. I tried doing the factory reset option to see if it helped and it didn't seem to have any effect.

  • I noticed no change updating to 1614576. If you'd said BIAS AMP 2, I might have some tips for you.... I don't know of any public repository for AMP and FX builds. I have one that goes back several builds, though I'm not sure how to make it available.

    By the way IE users: they fixed the store compatibility. Yeay.

  • I got a copy of Bias Amp 1.5.1 and it fixes my problems. From just listening, it seems like my tone has less gain in 1.5.1 so I'm not sure that it was a noise gate change or an amp change that caused the difference.

    I couldn't find where the tone files are saved locally or I'd upload a copy for anyone that was interested.