bias fx 2 validation in plugin manager problem in logic x

  • hi guys im using logic x 10.4.8 and it was working up to new update will not validate in plug in manager.tried rescans and re downloaded but no luck.cannot see it in audio in standalone fine.also its showing older version should be 2.1.11? crazy because i downloaded updated version.thank you

  • Same for me, there is walidation problem but with reason V11, I try to install the previous version and it still doesn't work.

  • @napoleguy keep me posted no one is replying.i sent screenshots to contact support.its weird because standalone working and its fine in ableton 10.not in logic x cheers chris

  • @napoleguy hi resolved
    what i did was delete all bias fx 2 and amps.phoned apple to get help removing all remenence of bias and positive grid.
    cleared mac completely.
    went to download page and downloaded one at a time,after each download i restarted mac.
    everything now back as it was.rumour has it the lastest version of logic x is still having bugs so im reverted back to logic 10.14.8.
    the plug in manager now has bias as sucessful and ticked off.must have been a corrupt file.possibly

  • Thank's, I am on pc but i will try to delete everything and start again.